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So I heard...

Oh no!

On a recent trip to Epcot, a video detailing a new ride, The Sum of All Thrills, caught my eye. In the video, I noticed a few Nintendo-related Easter Eggs, and while I wasn't able to snap a quick picture of either of them, I did manage to hunt down two fuzzy shots thanks to our wonderful internet.

First up: Mudkip! Mudkip? I was surprised too. He sits on top of what appears to be a cubicle shelf lined with various other toys. He's tiny in the picture, but I assure you, it is a stuffed Mudkip toy.

And the second, more obvious reference: The Virtual Boy. Indeed, the host in the video mentions that math is used to create video games, seeing as how much of Epcot is about learning, and as he does, he holds a Virtual Boy, then quickly turns to his side to put it down.

I didn't happen to notice anything else video game related, though there may have been some kind of Guitar Hero guitar I didn't see because I was trying to capture a picture of Mudkip and the Virtual Boy.

As for the new ride this is on? Riders quickly 'build' a roller coaster from a few select pieces, choosing the height of each part, as well as an adequate speed to match the height, so the jet, bobsled, or third virtual vehicle won't run off the virtual track. Once the virtual roller coaster is designed, riders sit in a machine with cameras and a screen and ride a simulation of their custom coaster.



Our Take

Jason Ross Senior Editor

06/01/2010 at 06:37 AM

To me, the bigger treat was seeing the Nintendo Easter Eggs in the pre-ride video. The simulator, IMO, was fair, but didn't particularly feel thrilling, and didn't simulate any sense of acceleration, but rather just direction. It did rotate upside down a few times, but that, alone, isn't very special.

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