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Capture the Fan: Making Multiplayer Games That Last Panel at QuakeCon

Makers of Left 4 Dead, Rage, and Halo 4 multiplayer discuss what makes playing with friends so engaging.

Marty Stratton from id, Chet Faliszek of Valve, and Max Hoberman of Certain Affinity sat down for an intimate conversation in front of a hundred person audience for a panel all about multiplayer games at QuakeCon.  The panel started by discussing why they find multiplayer gaming to be so engaging, and all agreed that it was the openness of it, and that their experiences in multiplayer were much more memorable than any single player experiences they had had. 

Stratton expressed that he wished they had more time to develop better multiplayer in both Doom 3 and Rage.  Hoberman added that most dev teams shouldn’t waste time on getting into the competitive multiplayer space because of the cost of it all, but should instead focus on adding co-op – a more affordable multiplayer experience.

The panel also agreed that it is going to be less and less possible to play multiplayer games completely offline.  Connectivity is becoming more and more prevalent, so having an entirely offline LAN party will be impossible soon, much to the disappointment of some in the audience. 



Nick DiMola Director

08/06/2012 at 12:47 PM

I'm not sure I completely agree about the offline experience. Networks are networks, whether it's a local one or the Internet. It seems more like an unwillingness of publishers to provide these offline experiences because there's more money to be had diverting all traffic through a network that is controlled by either the publisher or someone like Microsoft, who has a vested interest in getting traffic through their network.

Local multiplayer is the only type of multiplayer I continue to enjoy, so it's pretty disappointing to see it just fade away because of the rise of online gaming.

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