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FIFA 10 Preview

A new art style and some new snappy-titled modes lead the charged in this "over-the-top non-stop soccer game."

EA Sports' third Wii entry into the FIFA series is basically a clean slate as the game engine has been redesigned specifically for Nintendo's console. FIFA 10 drops the All-Play label and features refined controls, improved AI, and a brand new art style.

Unlike the Wii version of Madden NFL 10, FIFA's art style is a lot less cartoony, but just as colorful. The stadiums, all authentic, are also remodeled to fit the new aesthetic.

FIFA 10 will feature different player profiles that track statistics and create storylines for each match. The online mode returns with 2 vs. 2 matches and tournaments. However, all matches are unranked "to focus on the fun side of the experience."

Battle for Glory is a new mode that allows players, in the role of their club's manager, to set goals for their team. If they succeed with these goals, they'll receive performance enhancements (not drugs). If they fail, their stats will decline.

Another bullet point about the game is the new Strike It System, which distills set piece moments (e.g. free-kicks, penalties, and corners) into simple motion-controlled scenarios.

FIFA 10, developed by EA Canada, is hitting stores on October 20.



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