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PixlTalk Episode 1: Introductions and Stuff

Listen to the staff of PixlBit talk about who they are, what their deal is, and what games they like.

On the first episode of PixlTalk, we delve into the origins of ourselves. We also talk about our favorite games and a little bit of what we've been playing. Neal gets Wet (gross!), Lauren is playing Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story, Nick is typing in Scribblenauts, and Chessa goes import friendly with Another Code R.

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Wet Review

Awesome music and ultra violence go together well.

For a long time, I lampooned Wet. With its humorous title, ridiculous premise, and publisher issues, there was a lot to make fun of. After spending some time with the recent release, I can safely say it proved me wrong. Wet has its issues, but its Tarantino-esque style makes it a raucous romp.

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