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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Review

The fear is back in The Chinese Room's spiritual sequel to The Dark Descent. Prepare to be scared!

Frightening games require a key ingredient that is not initially present in their makeup: a willingness, on the player’s behalf, to be scared.  Without this, horror games are seldom terrifying, and more often than not are only campy experiences as silly and ineffective as the latest Jason & Chucky crossover flick.  I went into Amnesia: Machine for Pigs wanting to be thrilled; and I made sure to play it at night, with headphones on, while everyone else in the world slept – to achieve this goal.  This certainly isn’t a Resident Evil experience, where you’ll be blowing away fiends with your acid rounds – but something different, more along the lines of some other modern horror games where you are essentially powerless against the forces of evil, rather than being a semi-immortal avenger. 

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