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Grand Theft Auto V

Rapid Reaction: Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer

GTA V is going big, but Jesse warns that bigger isn't always better.

The long anticipated Grand Theft Auto Gameplay Trailer was released earlier this morning, and it’s safe to say that it likely left many a gamer wide eyed, with their jaws firmly planted on the ground.  The sheer epic mass that is the newly designed Los Santos is breathtaking.  The trailer depicts a plethora of environments - from high rises to the great outdoors and everywhere in between – and it becomes clear that we’ll likely get lost more than once in this beautiful world that Rockstar has built for us.

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Grand Theft Auto V - Trailer #2

More footage from the latest Grand Theft Auto.

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Alleged GTA V Overview Map Leaked

An ex-Rockstar employee is claiming to know all about the new game.

Someone going by the Twitter handle TorontoJack233 claims to be an ex-employee of Rockstar and posted this picture of what he claims to be the overview map for Grand Theft Auto V. The game takes place in the fictionalized version of Los Angeles called Los Santos and the map shows as such.

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