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Ketzal's Corridors Review

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On 05/09/2012 at 08:07 PM by Jon Lewis

A simple, fun and fast paced puzzler.

For fans of puzzle games.

Ketzal’s Corridors is based off of a simple theme: Players take control of a block. This block, depending on which level you are playing, will come in a different shape that can be shifted to the left, right, forward or back. As you control the block, you are put into an area where you are constantly moving forward, and have to shift the block to fit through holes in the walls that lie ahead. These spaces in the walls all contain hearts, which you are encouraged to collect to raise your score and unlock levels.

While that sounds simple, it can turn complex pretty fast. This is because of the fast pace of the game. Players can take their time shifting their shape to fit into each space, but each level is timed. To combat this, players have access to a boost, which speeds up your forward momentum. This makes the game extremely hectic, especially in the later levels. If you go too fast and bump into a wall or take too much time finding the proper shape you lose. There is no real penalty for losing, except for doing the entire level again. That would be annoying, but replaying the levels allows you to memorize the patterns in the wall, which could make for a very quick run through. Experienced players who put time into learning each level will be able to boost through the entire stage without having to stop. It provides an amount of depth that isn’t exactly too common in puzzle games.

This whole concept is coated by a light story surrounded in Aztec lore. An evil God named Koruptal has invaded and taken large numbers of hearts which are the source of the God Ketzal. To combat this evil God, Ketzal sends his loyal servant Xolo out to recruit the help of different guardians which will help rid the world of the evil Koruptal. Xolo is just the first of the few characters that you play as, and as you advance you play as the other guardians who all are different shapes and sizes. Of course, people will probably not play this game for the story, but it is the gameplay that counts.

Ketzal’s Corridors has some pretty great presentation for a $6.99 downloadable game. The graphics are nice and clear, and the 3D presents a good amount of depth which is especially noticeable when moving at fast speeds. The music fits the theme of the game, and though not as memorable as other puzzle games, is acceptable. The game also has a two player mode for those who wish to play against a friend.

Despite all of the pluses, the strength of Ketzal’s Corridors may also be one of its weaknesses. Shifting shapes at the fast pace that the game moves at might be a bit much for some. It’s not always easy to tell what position your block is in, and there were many times that I lost a level because I wasn’t sure what the best way to turn my block was. That said, other players who take the time to master each level will not have this issue. Puzzle games like this are best played in short bursts rather than long stretches of time for that reason. Trying to play for a period longer than 10 minutes gave me some slight headaches and slight boredom.

This ThruSpace inspired title is definitely a fun and somewhat addictive game, but it is not for everyone. I can definitely imagine some coming back to it, just to have fun speeding through levels, but I feel that there are much better, and more established puzzlers that accomplish what this game has, but on a much grander scale. That said, puzzle fans will totally enjoy Ketzal’s Corridors, and anyone who has already bested other 3DS eShop puzzle titles like Pushmo should give this game a shot.

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