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#Rhythm Game

HarmoKnight Review

Get in on this Game Freak gem before Nintendo cuffs them back to Pokémon.

Pretending to be a rock star with mini-guitars was pretty cool for a few years, but we’ve thankfully moved past that fad and can start getting music-based games that aren’t just for fulfilling your leather pants wearing fantasies.  We’ve had a few highlights in the rhythm genre here and there as those plastic instruments made their way from Best Buy to Big Lots, but now that they’re completely gone it looks like we should get more innovative and quirky music games like we used to.  If HarmoKnight is an indicator of the upcoming rhythm game onslaught, then I say “bring it on.”  Mixing platforming with call-and-answer beat matching, HarmoKnight is a wonderfully cute and addictively fun journey that will keep you on your (tapping) toes.

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Harmonix Announces Dance Central 2

During the Microsoft press conference, Harmonix blew the top off of the follow-up to the best selling game for Kinect.

Dance Central 2 was announced today by Harmonix during the Microsoft press briefing. The game is set to offer a variety of new content and features, like the ability to perform simultaneously with another player via drop-in/drop-out multiplayer. Players will have access to over 100 songs later this year when the game launches exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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