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Tryst Review

Does Tryst find a way to liven up the slowly changing real-time strategy genre?

Having purposely kept away from real-time strategy games after an unhealthy period with Age of Empires II over a decade ago, I was unsure what crazy changes had taken place in the genre.  What insane new systems had evolved and how would I cope with them?  If Tryst is any indication, not too much has changed in all that time, though Tryst tries really hard to inject some new ideas.  Even adding on a few good-intention bonus points, Tryst is still a bland sci-fi entry in a genre that could really use some juicing up.

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Mass Effect 3 Review

So, it has come to this.

Five years ago BioWare released Mass Effect to the world. The first game in an epic RPG trilogy with the ambitious goal of having your character’s actions and accompanying consequences carry over from game to game;  creating an ever more complex and living world quite literally shaped by the player. As a result, Mass Effect 3 is forced to undergo scrutiny for not only how it handles as a standalone game, but as a conclusion to BioWare’s half-decade efforts as well. 

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