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#Tales of Vesperia

Tales Studio Closes Down

Namco Bandai has absorbed the developer of the Tales RPG series.

Tales Studio, the developer responsible for the Tales series of RPGs since 1995's Tales of Phantasia, has been closed by parent company Namco Bandai. Although a reason wasn't given, Tales Studio has been having financial problems for some time and bankruptcy rumors have been floating around throughout 2011.

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Tales of Vesperia Review Rewind

In anticipation of Tales of Graces f and Tales of the Abyss 3D, JD reviews his favorite game in the Tales series.

This console generation hasn’t been very kind to people who love console JRPGs. There have been very few released, and hardly any of those were actually good. Tales of Vesperia is an exception. Though the game isn’t as popular as its predecessor, Tales of Symphonia, Vesperia makes its mark as one of the best in the series.

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