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Tour de 64: Donald Duck Goin' Quackers

The Canadian version is Goin' Quakers

Licenced games can be a real crapshoot, but surprisingly enough, this one didn't make me go quackers. I'm not very familiar with Disney or Donald Duck in particular, but this game turned out to be decent enough by its own merits.

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Grand Slam Tennis 2 - Feature Depth

Nate McDonald, producer, gives us a brief look at the feature depth available in Grand Slam Tennis 2.

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Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Announced for North America/Europe

Sora and company's next adventure coming exclusively to the 3DS.

Sure, we knew that Square-Enix was working on a 3DS entry in the popular Kingdom Hearts series in Japan, but any information beyond a few snippets of footage and the suggestion that it would be coming at some point to the west was non-existent at best.  Which is why today’s announcement that Kingdom Hearts 3D is indeed coming, and much sooner than many had predicted, is such welcome news.

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