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Monument Valley Review

“Sacred geometry.”

Every so often, I am lucky enough to play a game so delightful, so perfectly engineered for its platform, and so inspiring that I have to take a step back, stunned.  While other arts such as literature and painting seem long in the tooth these days, clutching to cynicism and nihilism like a terminal patient clinging to the sheets in his bed, great games seem imbued with a sort of impossible optimism and generosity towards the human condition.  Monument Valley, a game about redemption through sacred geometry, is one of those games. 

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Vita to Possibly Support Multiple Tiered Pricing

Sony takes a long hard look at the mobile market and comes to the conclusion that change is necessary.

With the dawning of DLC updates, digital distribution and cheap mobile and iOS gaming experiences the long accepted concept of a fixed price structure for video games has come under fierce scrutiny. This is particularly true in the handheld sector, which is arguably starting to feel the sting of the free and $5 game apps that are muscling into territory long unchallenged.

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