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Unit 13 Review

Zipper Interactive brings solid third person shooting mechanics to a repetitive Vita adventure.

Unit 13 hearkens back to a day when shooters were delivered without an overarching story. Instead, they were comprised of a set of chopped up missions, each with their own specific objective. It's a design that works exceedingly well on the portable Vita platform, allowing you to consume one mission at a time if you're tight for time. Despite its praiseworthy delivery of content, the experience is a bit too homogenous to remain entertaining for more than forty missions. A lackluster online offering and a dubious scoring system only serve to provide further frustrations, bringing down an otherwise solid experience.

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Mercury Hg Review

What can I say? It's just fun.

It’s been a long time since I found a game to play that was simple, challenging, addicting, and just plain fun. For months now I’ve desired an uncomplicated gaming experience that was lighthearted, didn’t require a membership, was devoid of long, drawn-out cutscenes, and could be played within my very limited free time. So, thank goodness for the arrival of Mercury Hg. Thank you Ignition, for allowing me to escape the reign of epic titles for a few solid and incredibly fun hours.

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