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Metro: Last Light Review

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Metro: Last Light's first achievement may be the fact it exists. As a sequel to an atmospheric first-person shooter adapted from Russian literature, it was already a risky game before development even started. Bad working conditions, delayed release, and THQ's bankruptcy followed. Yet despite everything going against it, Last Light has emerged from the darkness to become one of the year's best games so far.

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I Am Alive Review

I Am Disappointed: Beautiful at a distance, disappointing up close.

I’ve always loved the climbing aspect of the Uncharted series. Scaling larger than life structures gave the games an added sense of adventure. There was one problem though; Drake’s ascents were little more than eye candy. There was no danger, no strategy, no challenge just mash the X button until you arrive at your destination. That’s why I was so excited when I first heard about Ubisoft’s new IP, I Am Alive, which looks to meld similar Uncharted-like mechanics with the unforgiving realities of the survival horror genre. Unfortunately much like the scenery of this dystopian title, I Am Alive represents a great deal of potential that is tragically lost.

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