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#rockstar games

Grand Theft Auto VI: Exclusive Hands-On Preview!

It's so REAL!

After conquering 2018 with the hyper-realistic open-world cowboy simulator, Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has certainly not been resting on its laurels. As many of you now know, the highly anticipated hyper-realistic open-world crime simulator, Grand Theft Auto 6, has been announced. Thanks to the hundreds of hits my writing for PixlBit has amassed over the past nine years and the runaway popularity of my podcast, Nerds Without Pants (tens of satisfied listeners!) I was given an exclusive look at this upcoming juggernaut. Don’t worry, I got hands-on with this sure to be life-altering video game months before the Covid-19 epidemic. Now that my embargo has been lifted, the story can be told at last!

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L.A. Noire Review

Storytelling takes the front seat in this new crime drama that despite some flaws, shines above the rest.

There is no game out right now that is exactly like L.A. Noire. From the moment players dip into the crime infested 1940’s Los Angeles, they are greeted with an aura that sets this game apart from most. As a game, L.A. Noire isn’t without its problems, however its gripping narrative, compelling characters, and fantastic animations make it a must play, and one of the best titles to come out this year.

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