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Secret Agent Clank Review Rewind

Qwark and Ratchet spoil Clank's fun.

Secret Agent Clank is the second PSP spin-off title in the Ratchet & Clank series, and like its counterpart, Size Matters, was also developed by High Impact Games. Released originally for the PSP in 2008, Secret Agent Clank was eventually ported to the PS2 in 2009 by Sanzaru games. Since I'm not a big fan of the analog nub on the PSP, I opted for the PS2 version instead, and it seems as though I chose poorly. While I can't vouch firsthand on the improved quality of the PSP version, the difference in review scores paints a pretty clear picture. What I can say is the PS2 version of Secret Agent Clank is a sloppy experience full of issues that sadly ruins the unique gameplay and overshadows the quirky character of the title.

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Green Day: Rock Band Review

The Beatles were the first to receive their own game, now Green Day gets their time in the sun.

Now that music games have reached mass market appeal, both Harmonix and Activision have shifted focus to producing band-specific titles that encompass that artist's full career. The Beatles Rock Band was the first to truly nail the essence of a band and Green Day Rock Band is Harmonix's second attempt at doing just that. At a glance, the title does a pretty good job capturing their career in terms of song selections, but it does leave something to be desired in its presentation.

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