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Dishonored Review

Cynicism is silently assassinated and fed to an overwhelming swarm of rats.

Something is telling me that I need to unleash my inner cynic and find ways to trash and nitpick Dishonored after it received so much hype.  I tried my best to find things that were poorly done or off-putting.  All that effort was a waste because everything I found wrong with the game was so minor and unimportant that it made realize that I don’t think I’d change a single thing. Dishonored is one of the rare instances where all of the pre-release excitement and anticipation is completely justified and I’m happy to get to pour on additional praise.

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Dishonored Hands On Preview

I smell a rat. Many rats. Lots and lots of wonderful smelling rats.

The most sought after demo at this year’s QuakeCon that didn’t require a virtual reality headset was Bethesda’s upcoming stealthy first person shooter:  Dishonored.  Really, sticking the game in the FPS pigeon hole is a bit constricting since during the short demo, I possessed several people, summoned swarms of rats, and slowed time to a crawl.  The single level I got to play showed a ton of promise for a game set in a refreshingly unsettling world with a myriad of different methods available to reach your objectives.

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