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About Me:

Gaming since he was a wee lad, Nate grew up as a dreaded 'Nintendo Fanboy'. He was so obsessed that he wrote a number of poems, stories and research papers on videogames and Nintendo's superiority over Sega and Sony during his youth. Once his parents cut him off of his Nintendo Propaganda subscription he began to see the world through different, less biased eyes.

This especially became clear to him when he went off to college and discovered the bliss of Halo among other gaming joys. Now Nate owns and enjoys all manner of games for many systems.

Nate is also a PC gamer especially fond of strategy games, Left 4 Dead, Star Wars flight sims and Companion Cubes.

He hopes to be an active and constructive member of the PixlBit team through his writing as well as in his posts on the boards and helping to host game nights. Let him know what interests you most about the site, what you want to see happen and how you think he is doing by posting on the forums or via PM. He's open to suggestions.

Favorite Games:

Starcraft, Perfect Dark, Super Mario Brothers 3, Left4Dead, Prince of Persia and The World Ends With You to name a few.

Favorite Music:

Nightwish, Within Temptation, Shinedown, Elton John, Santana, Eagles, Skillet, RED.



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