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GOTY 2013 blog

On 12/26/2013 at 02:26 PM by catgirl147

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Guess it’s that time of year for GOTY blogs…. Seriously, kind of snuck up on me this year!  (may also have a separate blog for anime/streaming anime of the year. We shall see).

I’m in a bit of a weird spot this year, hesitated to post a GOTY blog altogether in fact. Let me explain (briefly) why- as a gamer, my taste has evolved quite a bit over the past 2 years. So much so that I’ve started to prioritize visual novels and imports over what one might consider to be ‘mainstream’, or I guess even a better word would be ‘recognizable’ games. Seems I’ve gone through a bit of an evolution, part and parcel the reason why I don’t blog as much anymore, I suppose, since I’m sure some of the games I’d blog about, no one would care about much less recognize.

Anyways. When it comes to making a GOTY blog, I’m a little confused I suppose- is it better to list my ACTUAL GOTY top 5, or should I post only games that are console/handheld, localized, and that everyone might have a chance in heck of recognizing?


So I’ve come to a decision. This year I’ll still post a GOTY blog ‘like usual’, as in- only localized, at least partially recognizable games will make this list.
I have decided to include a separate section of my favorite import games, and a separate section for my favorite visual novels (which are either PC/IOS) just to satisfy that other part of what I’ve come to describe as my ‘gaming personality’.

Ok, explanation done, let’s get to the good stuff.

GOTY Top 5

5. Time and Eternity (PS3) aka Toki Towa

Toki Towa

Yes, I know this game gets a pretty bad rap, but I quite enjoyed it. Enough to get platinum, in any case. For the record- Towa > Toki. *nods* (Status: 100% complete, platinum)

4. Phoenix Wright- Dual Destinies (3DS)

Dual Destinies

My first foray into the Phoenix Wright series, and want to thank those of you who pushed me to give it a shot, knowing my pentient for the visual novel genre. Definitely need to go back and purchase the previous games in the series, in fact, have already started doing so. (Status: 50% complete)

3. SMT IV (3DS) TIED with Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (3DS)


Admittedly not my favorite SMT/Persona games, but definitely good enough to make my GOTY…. I mean, how could an SMT/Persona NOT make my GOTY list? Would be blasphemy. Yes indeed. And NO its not a cop out putting them together, they truly did ‘tie’ :D *shifty eyes* (Status: 30%ish complete SMTIV, 100% complete SMT Soul Hackers)

Soul Hackers

2. Pokemon XY (3DS)


Surprised me a bit, how much I still enjoy Pokemon. Something I’ll never ‘grow out of’, I suppose :) Favorite pokemon of this gen- bit of a hard question, but I give it to Meowstick (above), ha :) (Status: Defeated Elite Four, currently completing pokedex/doing ‘extra’ stuff/training my ultimate team for tourneys etc)

1.Tales of Xillia (PS3)

Xillia pic 1

I have spent 450 composite hours on ToX (import), ToX2 (import) and ToX (localized). My favorite Tales game of the series so far, and definitely could NOT be beaten this year. So looking forward to ToX2, tis not even funny. (not to mention: ToS/ToS2 remaster, and ZESTIRIAAAAAAAA). *coughs* (Status: 100% complete, platinum)

Xillia pic 2

Honorable Mentions: Disgaea D2 (if only because I’ve only had a chance to play a bit of it)
                                         Project X Zone (surprised it got localized, extremely ambitious)

(Special section- games that likely could’ve been GOTY candidates IF I HAD GOTTEN AROUND TO PLAYING THEM….)

Guided Fate Paradox (PS3)
Rune Factory IV (3DS)
Hometown Story (3DS)


Visual Novel section

PC visual novels. Since January 2013, one of the mainstays of my gaming library. So much so it’s pushed out other genres, such as the JRPG, which remains near and dear to my heart… yet I find myself having less and less time to actually dedicate to those games, since my foray into the PC gaming library. Of course, delves into my love for otome games, marketed towards female gamers in particular; but the visual novel genre is vast, and have a few other mentions as well.


Definitely my favorite of this year- Nameless, a Korean import otome by Cheritz. You would NOT BELIEVE the amount of time (and money I’ve spent buying extra merch) I’ve invested in this game.


Also have to mention I played Dandelion this year (although it was a 2012 release, so technically shouldn’t be mentioning it here, picked it up at AX)… which was an absolute delight to play- again, a Korean import otome by Cheritz. Might’ve even just been the game to push me over the edge into the realm of visual novels (and otome games), and thus commencing my betrayal of JRPG/console games. Yep, blame Dandelion folks.


Also absolutely LOVED If My Heart Had Wings, a translated Japanese visual novel (from Moe Novel, originally by PullTop). Just completed it a few days ago, in fact. NOT an otome- this one’s a harem type, more your typical visual novel (keep in mind the localized version my Moe Novel had all the H scenes removed, although there is a fan patch somewhere out there which I didn’t even bother to download). Anyhoo. Really good, would highly recommend despite the grumblings about censorship blah blah blah (I prefer my visual novels with some of the more explicit scenes removed. I know, call me crazy. Just how I am; maybe more common with girls in any case).

Ageha x Aoi

Amnesia V and Diabolik Lovers V, two more otome games for the Vita by Otomate which are Japanese imports- just got these two on the 24th so I cannot comment as of yet… but. I absolutely cannot wait, despite the crazy translation process mumbo jumbo I’ll have to attempt to understand the intricate details, ha….


Other mentions- X Note and Area X by Zeiva Inc (although X note and Train of Afterlife is older, again a title I played this year) and a bunch more which I have yet to even play :D

Area X

Imports section

Hard to believe ToX was my first import game, way back in 2012, and ToX2 my second import game. DEFINITELY got me hooked on importing, as my Japanese has improved GREATLY- what with a constant deluge of anime and said import games, I couldn’t help but learn the language. Add to that the correspondence course I’ve taken, and well. Although still not absolutely stellar, my Japanese is what I’d call ‘game and anime worthy’. As in- I can get by.

This year. Exstetra (Vita). Definitely would have should have and could have been in my GOTY this year. Although I’m only about 10-20% through it (just came out in November, don’t yell at me :D) I adore it.


I count all of my import visual novels in this section as well, although I’m not going to summarize them again- see above if interested.


Seems I have come to the end of my GOTY 2013 blog. If I had to pick my favorite game this year, from any of the above categories…. I can definitely say, it would be Nameless. VERY CLOSE runner up is Xillia, as both of these games made me feel like I never wanted to put them down. Play for just one more hour. Get to the next dialogue option and then I promise I’ll quit. Just to the next save point, I swear. It is this feeling, ladies and gentleman, that sense of total immersement, that loss of sense of time… That is the reason I continue to play games, and will likely never, ever, quit (despite potential changes in favorite genre, the aforementioned ‘evolution’ of my gamer self).


Have not quite decided yet, but may choose to do an extra 2013 blog on my favorite streaming anime… but just in case, next blog…. Looking ahead to 2014. Stay tuned…. 




12/26/2013 at 03:09 PM

Im kinda in the same boat since my taste in games are so diverse that most people dont reply to game I blog about and Japanese imports from the rpg and srpg I love and most have never heard yet alone played lol!! But im with ya on that so if you post a reveiw or blog I would be willing to bet I would know about it lol!!! And I like japanese Anime as well.


12/27/2013 at 07:33 AM

Haha, thanks fellow 'weird game' player, lol. Glad you liked the blog; I'll think about blogging more often, but when 1up died. Well. My blogging self somewhat died with it :P


12/26/2013 at 04:02 PM

Everyone has different tastes in video games. If everyone blogged about the same games all the time, Call of Duty, GTAV, Bioshock Infinitie, (I haven't played any of these games), blogs would be super boring. Blogs and video games are interesting to me when other people are excited about them and explain why. That's the sort of thing that gets me to try new games. 

I don't particularly like new animes, except Attack on Titan and Ghost In the Shell :Arise, but I did watch anime in the past. I've also read some of the Kingdom Hearts Mangas, their pretty good. 

Actually, your blog reminds me that I need to buy Xilia and SMT IV.


12/27/2013 at 07:34 AM

Thanks for reading, and yes, definitely get Xillia and SMT IV :D won't regret it, well, if you like your games JRPG-y that is!


12/26/2013 at 05:50 PM

You remind me, I need to get to playing Xillia! Gah, it's just been sitting there, I haven't even opened it. *Stares at box* I even have the nice edition with the soundtrack, but I can't get myself to open it until I've cleared most of my backlog. 


12/27/2013 at 07:35 AM

The dreaded backlog, my gosh. Don't even remind me :P got a stack of games sitting next to me right now as I say this, and its looking at me, lol

Cary Woodham

12/26/2013 at 05:51 PM

Good to hear from you.  I'll be posting my Game of the Year blog in a few days.  I'm working on it right now.  I know you are very busy, but I hope you can take some time to read it when it's up. I kind of miss hearing about you from time to time.

I actually played a few games on your list.  I reviewed Time and Eternity.  I didn't like the main character guy because he was a jerk, but I liked the other characters.  Battles reminded me of Punch-Out for some reason.  And I'm playing the new Phoenix Wright game right now!

The next Tales game Namco announced is called Tales of Zestria, and guess who is doing the music for it?  Go Shiina!  Yay!


12/27/2013 at 07:37 AM

Hi Cary! I'll def checkout your GOTY blog, maybe send me the link when its done or notify me so I um, remember to check haha.

I know about Go Shiina, was going to make sure you knew about that. Zestiria FTW !

Cary Woodham

12/29/2013 at 12:18 AM

My GOTY blog is up.  I emailed you as well.


12/29/2013 at 06:58 AM

Saw it, thanks :D

Matt Snee Staff Writer

12/28/2013 at 04:47 AM

450 hours on Xillia?!?!?!?!?

I definitely need to finish that game.  I got distracted.  But I really like it... it has a lot of charm, and I like the characters, and the combat is a lot of fun.  

Hope you had a great holiday!


12/28/2013 at 07:10 AM

Um. remember thats composite of the Japanese version, localized version, and Xillia 2 :P so. like, 2.5games worth, ha.

Hope you had a great holiday too!


12/28/2013 at 08:32 AM

I preordered Time and Eternity until I read a few reviews that it wasn't good.  I cancelled that order the next day.  I still plan to get it, but not until I see it at a cheap price.  

I finished Shin Megami Tensei IV a couple months ago.  It was a nightmare.  I enjoyed the game enough to finish it, but I hated the map.  I put over 140 hrs into that game.  Many of those hrs I spent lost.  I couldn't find anything.  I would find an area I wasn't suppose to be and if I had to find the area again later, I couldn't find it.  The map sucks!  

I'm playing Soul Hackers now and it's not going so good.  I'm interested in the story, but the combat interface is a bit archaic.  I really wish Atlus had redone it.  There is all these options that don't need to be there and those text messages during battles flash too fast.  I have no idea what they say.  As it is, it doesn't look good.  Hopefully I can play pass it. Undecided 

I picked up Xillia not long ago.  I plan to play it soon.  I own more than a few Tales games and I hadn't played any of them.  

If I quit Soul Hackers, I'm thinking about starting Project X Zone. 


12/29/2013 at 07:00 AM

SMT IV- oh the map! SO OLDSCHOOL. haha, I think that's what they were going for tho, appealing to the retro gamers. For some, it worked. others, not so much. Soul Hackers gets really challenging near the end, so have fun witht hat.

Xillia is amazing, play it when you get a chance! :D happy holidays and have a great new year!

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