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About Me:

Greetings, I am a former 1up blogger who likes to do reviews and mostly post by video through YouTube. My greatest passion in life is God. My videogame passion is collection handheld games. I have been a Gameboy fanatic since I bought my first one in 1989 and played Tetris for a full 8 hours. I know that collecting video games while in my 40's might seem childish, but hey, at least I'm not into drugs or alcohol.

Favorite Games:

Galaga, Knights in the Nightmare, Civilization, SimCity, Uncharted, Tetris, Super Mario Land, Brain Age, Silent Scope

Favorite Music:

Gospel, British Invasion, obscure 60's garage rock usually heard on Little Steven's Underground Garage, classic country (not that modern bubble-gum country where the main point is to brag about how "country" the singer is)