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Community Poll #1

Posted on 05/08/2013 at 12:02 AM | Filed Under Blogs

For me it would be Magneto for X-men: Children of the Atom way back in the day (before I even knew basic fighting game mechanics).

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Review

Posted on 04/02/2013 at 05:49 PM | Filed Under Review

Thanks!  Seems like a shame, since I always enjoyed the music for the other games

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Review

Posted on 04/01/2013 at 10:10 PM | Filed Under Review

Probably will pick this one up for the story in a month or two, though I'm a little worried about the controls.  Oh well, won't be the first time I die in a Castlevania game.  By the way, how is the music in this game?

Guilty Pleasures: Female characters

Posted on 03/31/2013 at 08:48 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Thanks!  I like to think we all have great tastes in our own ways haha

Guilty Pleasures: Female characters

Posted on 03/31/2013 at 06:35 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Tina (DOA)

Makoto (BlazBlue)

Sophitia (SoulCalibur)

Sheena (Tales of Symphonia)

I'm sure there are more out there, but those are the ones I can think of right now

Capcom Readies Dungeons & Dragons for PSN & XBLA

Posted on 03/20/2013 at 08:30 PM | Filed Under News

Can't wait to play again, it'll be nice not having to put in quarters everytime I die.

The Magical Flying Poop Train and the Vacation from Hell

Posted on 03/03/2013 at 12:13 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Man, sorry to hear about your trip.  I guess I can't complain about any of my trips now.  Perhaps you could get a vacation for your vacation to actually relax?

Why I'm not going to add my game collection here

Posted on 02/26/2013 at 11:59 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Here's an easy way to add the entire game collection:


Just create a .txt file with each game on a new line and upload

The Nature of Reviews

Posted on 02/26/2013 at 02:49 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I agree with this guy.  Nothing is quite as awkward as trying to change the way you write, especially if you're changing your style to a way you don't agree with.  It's easier to defend your piece if you can stand behind it in its entirety rather than try to explain bits and pieces of it.  Hope this comment makes sense, but keep doing what you're doing in my opinion Smile

A Letter From the Director

Posted on 02/25/2013 at 02:00 AM | Filed Under Feature

Thanks!  That's going to make it a ton easier to handle

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