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Sonicbug's Comments - Page 6

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Posted on 04/06/2013 at 10:49 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Dude, I gotta know what your niche is now.....

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Posted on 04/06/2013 at 10:48 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Seriously, I don't know why they bothered taking the license away from NISA when they still had NISA localize it for them.  Do they really make more money from tossing it out there to die rather than licensing it and letting NISA market it properly?  Some interviewer needs to tell GUST how TK treats their games overseas.

Kickstarting my Heart: Retronauts

Posted on 03/23/2013 at 04:08 PM | Filed Under Blogs

I'm shocked at how quickly they hit their goal.  Then again, compared to some projects what they were asking for was fairly modest.

Random updates 3/12/13

Posted on 03/14/2013 at 11:13 PM | Filed Under Blogs

There weren't many kids on a Thursday morning, so I got bored and put on the Asian Long-horn Beetle costume.


A friend of mine's parents owned some random land up in Maine.  Apparently the neighbor taps the trees on his property and theirs, in exchange he sends them a case of maple syrup for use of his trees.  He gifted me some once, it was fantastic.

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