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Whoopee Camp

Tomba! Review

It's weird and unique, but is it fun?

Due to its rarity, Tomba has become highly sought after for fans and collectors alike. The title, created by the now defunct Whoopee Camp, was the brain child of Ghosts'n Goblins creator/Mega Man producer Tokuro Fujiwara. While the multi-plane sidescroller has Fujiwara's signature, it doesn't quite capture the magic of his prior works, especially 15 years after its release.

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Tomba! Releasing on PSN Next Week

The cult classic side-scroller will finally be affordable and digital to boot.

Courtesy of MonkeyPaw Games, cult classic PSone side-scroller, Tomba! will see release on the PlayStation Network next week. Set to debut on June 19 for $9.99, players will be able to save themselves a whole wad of cash on this rare gem originally released in 1998.

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