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Tomba! Releasing on PSN Next Week

The cult classic side-scroller will finally be affordable and digital to boot.

Courtesy of MonkeyPaw Games, cult classic PSone side-scroller, Tomba! will see release on the PlayStation Network next week. Set to debut on June 19 for $9.99, players will be able to save themselves a whole wad of cash on this rare gem originally released in 1998.

Tokuro Fuijiwara, producer of the Mega Man series and creator of Ghost 'n' Goblins, originally conceived Tomba! and developed it in his now defunct company, Whoopee Camp. Tomba! takes clear influence from these games, while offering original gameplay.

The unnamed pink-haired protagonist is able to grab and smash enemies, manipulate the environment to perform platforming stunts, and move between the background and foreground with ease. He's on a quest to retrieve his grandfather's stolen bracelet from the Koma Pigs, which will require him to collect Evil Pig Bags and ultimately defeat the Evil Pig himself.

As he makes his way through each level, he'll gather Adventure Points (AP) to open AP boxes for both rations and inventory, easing the challenge that lays ahead. Side questing opportunities are available to acquire more AP and extend the innovative experience.

Check out some Tomba! gameplay below and be sure to stop by for our review of this classic next week!

Press Release

MonkeyPaw Games Announces Platforming Adventure Tomba! Making its Return to the PlayStation®Network

Rare cult favorite makes its digital debut in the PSone® Classics section on June 19th for $9.99

Hokkaido, Japan – June 12th, 2012 - MonkeyPaw Games today announced the side-scrolling platforming adventure Tomba! will make its PlayStation®Network debut in the PSone® Classics section on Tuesday, June 19th for $9.99. Garnering almost universally positive reviews and high prices due to its rarity, Tomba! was the brainchild of Tokuro Fuijiwara, known for his creation of the Ghosts’n Goblins series as well as the producer of the Mega Man series. The rich, interactive atmosphere of Tomba! helped create the title’s innovative gameplay, being one of the earliest PlayStation® games to use the Dual Shock feature. Help our pink-haired protagonist trample the seven evil pigs and retrieve his grandfather’s prized bracelet when Tomba! returns on June 19th.

"Tomba! is a title that completely fits the mold of MonkeyPaw Games, fantastic gameplay and a rare find. It’s being sold at prices more expensive than gaming systems these days. It still deserves your attention and that’s saying a lot after all these years,” said John Greiner, President and CEO of MonkeyPaw Games. “We’re committed towards bringing back classic and import titles for those who haven’t experienced them or simply want to re-live their retro roots. We’re excited that fans will finally be able to play this legendary gem.”

A new gameplay trailer can be found here:

About Tomba!

Developed by Whoopee Camp and released In North American territories in 1998, Tomba! follows a bushy, pink-haired caveboy who finds his grandfather’s precious bracelet stolen by seven evil swine, known as the Koma Pigs. Tomba must transverse the newly mutated islands around him and collect Evil Pig Bags, which allow him to enter each realm of each Evil Pig. He’ll be meeting with zany characters such as Charles, the funky hip monkey and the 100-Year Old Wise Man, who assigns Tomba numerous arduous quests upon his adventure. In the end, Tomba will be going through plenty of missions and side-quests to bring him closer to his goal of getting his grandfather’s bracelet back.

Tomba! employs a unique mission system that rewards Adventure Points (AP) for progressing in levels and obtaining key story or power-up items. Completing different missions give you AP points, which can also be used to open AP boxes which contain rations and items for improving your inventory health. Tomba! promises hours of innovative gameplay around every corner!



Julian Titus Senior Editor

06/14/2012 at 08:59 AM

Fun fact: The intro to Tomba will skip if your PSX has the Sony cancer. It was one of the tests we would perform before buying a system from people. Madden 97 works really well, too. If I had a dollar for every time I saw the Madden 97 intro I'd be out of debt.

Angelo Grant Staff Writer

06/14/2012 at 11:26 AM

The platforming in this game is so good! I'm glad I can play it again without paying a small fortune for the CD.

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Press Release

MonkeyPaw Games Announces Platforming Adventure Tomba! Making its Return to the PlayStation®Network

Rare cult favorite makes its digital debut in the PSone® Classics section on June ...