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Exciteburgs: Trick Flying Hands On Preview

Time for humanity to get Excited again.

If you don’t remember Excitebots: Trick Racing on Wii, you’re not alone; very few picked up this wacky racer, dooming any chances of an Australian release (sorry, mates). After finally giving it a second life on the Wii U’s eshop late last year, Nintendo has decided to bring the series to Switch in a hot new direction.

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Pilotwings Resort Review

I really wish Monster Games was able to bring Excitebots style zaniness to this excellent, but blandly presented Pilotwings sequel.

It has been fifteen years since the Pilotwings series has seen a release. Surprisingly, even after fifteen years, Nintendo and Monster Games have done an amazing job of capturing the essence of the series. With a wide array of challenges, six unique vehicle types, and gameplay that begs for replay, Pilotwings Resort unquestionably hits the mark. Don’t let the Miis convince you otherwise – Pilotwings Resort is a challenging game, requiring precise control and perfection for the highest of scores.

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North American Pilotwings Resort Trailer

The fifteen year wait is almost over.

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Pilotwings Resort Preview

Pilotwings and Wii Sports Resort collide for this 3DS launch title.

Back at E3 2010, Nintendo fans were dazzled by the resurrection of several Nintendo franchises on the Wii, like Donkey Kong Country and Kirby. The 3DS featured a new title in an old series as well, a title known as Pilotwings Resort. Die-hard fans of the series have been waiting nearly fifteen years since the release of Pilotwings 64 to see a new entry in the mere two title series. Though fans have waited many years for the series' reprise, the unique technology of the 3DS should help in making the wait worthwhile.

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Pilotwings Resort Hands On Preview

PilotWings is back!

I've been a massive fan of the PilotWings series since its inception on the SNES. As you'd expect, I've been pining for a new entry in the series for quite a while now. Well, Nintendo has delivered in spades by bringing it back on the 3DS.

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