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Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion Developer Diary

Check out some footage and description from the development team on this handheld 3DS Smash Bros. influenced brawler.

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Jason Ross's Games Not to Give for Christmas and the Holidays

It's no surprise my list is populated with licensed titles.

My “Don't Gift!” list consists only of titles I've personally played this year, but more to the point, they're games that might just appeal to Christmas shoppers at first glance. In truth, most of the games I mention do have an audience who would enjoy them, but I believe the games don't have the universal appeal that would make them a great gift for most. Most of the games I chose are licensed titles, based on graphic novels, movies, famous characters, and even theme park rides for good reason: These are often the games of disputable quality where other games are unquestionably better.

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Toy Story Mania Review

This game does not have a friend in me.

In 2008, Disney launched a new state-of-the-art attraction at Disney World and Disney Land called Toy Story Midway Mania! It's all in 3D and is based around the riders participating in carnival games. With a premise like that, it made perfect sense to transform the ride into a video game, and they did. However, Toy Story Mania, developed by Papaya Studio exclusively for Wii, doesn't work as a game as it has a few confusing issues and just boils down to how fast you can press a button and whip the Wii Remote pointer around the screen.

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