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Rockstar San Diego

Five Reasons I Quit Red Dead Redemption 2

An exercise in frustration.

So after eight years, Rockstar has finally released a follow up to their beloved sandbox Western Red Dead Redemption. The game is a critical darling, has outsold the entire Metroid franchise in two weeks, and all seems right in the world. Yet, I found quite a few issues that many reviews were mitigating or did not bring up which kept me from personally having fun. To the point where seven hours into Red Dead Redemption, I called it quits. This will not be a review, just offering my two cents for those on the fence.

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DayZ and the Future of Virtual Realism

The rise of simulated fantasy is all around us.

Sometimes I want to play games where I can summon Ifrit and fight enemies on the sides of buildings.  Other times I want to leap across moving platforms, flatten enemies with my butt, and collect shiny stuff.  But then there’re times when I want to play a game where I get dysentery and have to crawl through the woods inch by inch following the sound of buzzing flies to a dead body so I can loot it for supplies.

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Get Midnight Club II Free on Steam

Just don't expect it to work on a new computer.

If you like free games, there’s a pretty easy way to score Midnight Club II on your Steam account through the weekend.  Simply join the Rockstar Steam community before 10 AM PDT on May 15 and a free, non-giftable copy of the game will arrive in your account sometime before May 29. Just be aware that this version of the game won’t run on Windows 7 or Vista.  This probably limits the audience for the game considerably, but for those still rocking Windows XP on an aging rig might finally have a new game to boot up on their systems.

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Red Dead Redemption Review

Don't be fooled, this isn't just GTA in the Wild West.

The Wild West is one time and setting that is completely underused in modern gaming. Though the period seems to have everything you'd want in a game - guns, lawlessness, character-worthy people, and an interesting setting, developers seem to have largely neglected it. Red Dead Redemption proves testament to just how great the setting is and just how to make a game that capitalizes on all of the features it has to offer.

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