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PixlTalk E3 Day 2 - Tommy Tallarico Interview

Chris and Jason Ross interview Tommy Tallarico about Video Games Live.

Chris and I were given the opportunity to catch an interview with Tommy Tallarico to talk about Video Games Live and the upcoming Concert this Thursday night. Tune in to hear how music is selected, if old game music ever dies, even where you can buy Video Games Live sheet music and more in our unedited podcast version of the interview.

We're currently working on a transcription, which will be up in a few days. Until then, enjoy!

UPDATE: We're still working on the transcription. E3 kept us all busy last week, and we're still working on the aftermath, but we'll have the interview available for your textual enjoyment sometime this week.

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Our Take

Nick DiMola Director

06/15/2010 at 08:02 AM

I'll have to check out this interview after the craziness of E3 is over. From when I've heard about it, some really provocative questions were asked, which sparked some interesting and insightful answers. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing it!

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