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PixlTalk Episode 73: Blast From the Past

The new-old PixlTalk crew takes to the sound waves once again.

The original (well, sort of) crew of PixlTalk is back this week as they reclaim the podcast that has been under the loving care of our previous two crews for the past few months. Coming back into the show we wanted to do something new and fresh that would shake up the original format and keep things moving at a steady rate.

The new show is broken down into segments, which include What's in the News, The Rant, and a Retro Spotlight, among many others, and the list of segment ideas keeps growing! Each week the crew, consisting of Nick and Chessa DiMola, Jason Ross, and Joaquim Mira will be choosing from a handful of these new topics in the hopes of keeping it interesting and (more honestly) to prevent us from hopelessly wandering off-topic into mindless banter...we make no promises on keeping it together at the end, however. Just a warning.

This week we start off with four segments, What are You Playing, What's in the News, Retro Spotlight, and a bit of Trivia. We explore the 3DS XL reveal, Halo 4's staggering memory requirement, discuss A Link to the Past, and even get to hear Jason being attacked by his cat.

Please let us know what you think about the show and the new format, and leave us ideas for new segments if you happen to have them. Also, don't forget to check out the brand new podcasts from the previous PixlTalk crews, Push Start to Continue and Nerds Without Pants (debuting tomorrow!).



Julian Titus Senior Editor

07/14/2012 at 09:25 PM

I always get bored with Zelda games. I never finished A Link to the Past simply because I rented it and didn't beat it in the three days I had it. I bought it for my SNES many years later at work, and I haven't played it since I bought it.

Come to think of it, I've only finished the first game and Link's Awakening.

Nick DiMola Director

07/16/2012 at 01:12 PM

Damn, that's too bad. I'm surprised to hear it though, usually people abandon the games before they really get into them because they start so slow. I've always found that once I'm knee deep, I'm completely addicted.

A Link to the Past would be a good one for you to try again. It's fairly short and it has immediate, non-stop action. One of my favorites in the series for sure.

Angelo Grant Staff Writer

07/16/2012 at 10:49 AM

I've played A Link to the Past through completely far too many times to be considered a healthy, well balanced human being.

Oddly, the water temple, while challenging, never had me stop to a halt. I did get stuck, however, on the dark world dungeon located in the village. The one where the girl follows you around and won't let you leave. I think had that girl follow me around for at least 8 hours before I figured out what I needed to do. 

The one thing I never figured out is how to finish one of the dark world dungeons without 'sequence breaking' the game in a sense. There's one puzzle in the ice dungeon that I simply cannot figure out without using the cane that creates orange blocks from the dungeon you are supposed to complete after the ice one.  I'm sure there's another way to do that puzzle, but I could never figure it out.

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