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QuakeCon in Photos

Couldn't make it down to Big D this year to go to QuakeCon? We've got you covered with a photo album to make you feel like you waited in line for hours on end too.

The Exhibit Hall

If you weren't up for the LAN party, the main exhibit hall was a great place to spend some time.  Vendors and demo stations filled the giant ballroom, giving everyone plenty to explore between slices of pizza. 

Several tournaments and other events took place at this AlienWare sponsored arena.  There were tons of games to be played in here as well, and you didn't have to bring anything at all.

This Mustang was right inside the main entrance, and was to be given away later in the convention.  Todd Hollenshead of id emceed its big unveiling by some "QuakeCon Girls."  Lots of dudes had pictures taken with these ladies and I didn't see a single instance of hover hand!  High five, nerds! 

On the exhibit hall stage, there were some "Mini-Games IRL" events like this one where the contestants had to eat a banana through panty hose. The most amazing thing about this activity is that nobody in the crowd could come up with a good one-liner while this was happening.  Also noteworthy, the guy who won this contest but handed over his prize over to the girl who lost. What a gentleman!

Apogee Software's Rise of the Triad was announced on the exhibit hall stage, and a demo area was immediately unveiled after the announcement.  Groups of gamers could sit down and try out a multiplayer match on these computers.  Lines seemed to stay pretty short for this foul-mouthed gore fest, even among a gathering of its target demographic.

Then there was this demo area.  No pictures were allowed behind this giant glowing sign tempting us with the Dishonored demo on the other side.  Doom 3 BFG Edition was also playable on some 3D displays behind this wall.  First impressions of Doom 3 BFG Edition in 3D:  It's Doom 3... in 3D.

It wouldn't be a convention without the opportunity to buy some stuff. There were a couple of booths dedicated to buying souvenirs and other gaming shirts and accoutrements. The official "RETAIL STORE" had id and QuakeCon shirts and baubles. 


This other vendor had items for all the big games, particularly Portal 2 t-shirts and plush companion cubes.


There were other booths too, showing off computer hardware, games, and services.  This booth was interesting.  Never before had I considered that any one actually liked the "combat" in Minecraft, but now I know there's a place to go and spend a lot of time awkwardly slashing at my blocky pals.

Cooler Master, maker of computer cases, had some slick examples on display like this Mass Effect 3 beauty.  

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