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PixlBit's Final Impressions of E3

Read how the staff reacted to this year's big show.

Travis Hawks - Senior Editor

Like a lot of people, the biggest story for me was that the PS4 isn’t going to enforce all of the confusing and consumer-hostile policies that the Xbox One originally planned on. I was looking forward to seeing some of the great games that Microsoft would have exclusively on their sleek black box, and they did have a few that caught my attention, but nothing that could make me overlook my beefs with their upcoming console. The hardest thing about deciding to go Sony (at least initially) was seeing the (admittedly terrible) Halo trailer. It pains me to think that a new Master Chief adventure may be sitting on store shelves and I might not be playing it.

Outside of the big console battle that is grabbing all of the geeky headlines, I was also glad to see some appealing games headed our way from Nintendo. Although I’m a bit disappointed that the Mario Galaxy team took the 3D World route instead of going Mario Universe, I’m still pretty stoked. I was a big 3D Land fan (unlike some people) and getting to control the whole Super Mario Bros. 2 crew again is a huge added bonus.

Third parties also added quite a few games to my watch list, but one reveal made my head pop off like it had been struck with a razor-edged boomerang. I’ve spent many a bored moment fantasizing about a modern Mad Max video game, and somebody is finally making one. It’s weird to me that it took this long when we have enough post-apocalyptic games to fill an oil tanker, but at least it’s actually happening going to happen.

In the end, I came away pretty pleased after this year’s conference, even if there were a few disappointments here and there. I had high expectations with two consoles being spec’d out, but even the games for current gen hardware looked pretty damn slick. You can mark the convention down as a success for this gamer, since at the end of each day I desperately wanted to do exactly what the ESA is trying to get me to do: play some games.

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07/08/2013 at 02:13 PM

It will be interesting to see where the industry goes. I agree with Mike Wall, the AAA model is not sustainable and the knee-jerk reaction companies have taken to restrict consumer rights to squeeze pennies that will ultimately not fill the void is the elephant in the room. Which way are we going? Can more and varied games save the day? Will there be a competitive market to purchase them in? That's what I'm looking at this generation.

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