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The Elder Scrolls Forge: All Hallows' Eve Mods For Skyrim

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Forge! An ongoing, episodic feature that showcases the coolest mods for The Elder Scrolls Anthology

Greetings, my fellow Draugrs! The Halloween season is upon us, so The Elder Scrolls Forge is celebrating in grand fashion by bringing you the most bone-chilling mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Whether you are looking for some terrifying quests, Halloween-themed overhauls, greater immersion, or just a little aesthetic character embellishment we've got you covered. Remember, all images are scalable if you'd like to get a better look, and if you are interested in snagging yourself a copy of any of the mods just click on the title to be taken to its respective Skyrim Nexus page. So whenever you are done cursing off Valgar Vinicia for running out of pumpkin spice, dim the lights and prepare to celebrate Halloween, Dovahkiin style!

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10/31/2013 at 02:37 PM

Ah man! These are fantastic! Take a great game, and make a whole new experience out of it. Who are these guys who put so much time into these things? There should be a marketplace for this stuff so they can get something back for their excellent work. These mods should be DLC purchases on the consoles. They aren't just silly skins in Minecraft, they change many elements of the game and even add new quests! Wonderbar!

Justin Matkowski Staff Alumnus

10/31/2013 at 03:09 PM

Glad you enjoyed these - I was really looking forward to this installment of The Forge. There are some incredibly talented modders out there, and Bethesda is smart enough to hire a good number of these people. And I agree, I would absolutely purchase these as paid DLC packs for consoles - my wallet would hate me, but I would love it! The WereMod really blew me away with how immersive and deep it is.

Happy Halloween bud! 


11/01/2013 at 01:05 AM

One of these days. I'm gonna get my PC's up and running again for this kind of thing.


10/03/2014 at 03:31 PM

Hey Justin! Cover Teirdalin Shadowfall's "Epic Holiday Overhauls" this year. That would be awesome!

Teirdalin Shadowfall

10/03/2014 at 04:43 AM

Well I'm the fellow working on "Epic Holiday Overhauls - Halloween", or rather I call it just Epic Halloween Overhaul 2013; soon to be 2014 with the next patch.   And quite frankly I probably would put alot more effort into it if I did make ~any~ money off it. xD   But to be honest, even though I did pour alot of time into it, and quite frankly still am now every October, it wouldn't be anywhere close to how cool it is without all the people who gave me permission to decorate and build using the models they made, the music they made, and the tutorials they made; anyways, I was just randomly searching my mod and noticed: "Hey this site is talking about it. :D"  and figured I'd read what they had to say, it's not really as great as the author made it seem.  lol

Pleh; I gotta stop doing these random rants. x.x

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