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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 62: Rolling Into the New Year

This episode is three hours of awesome sauce.

 It’s a new year, and the nerds without pants are back with an epic, 3 hour extravaganza! Wait, come back, because you’re gonna want to listen to all of this. Not only do we have a great discussion about Christmas loot, Dragon Age, Game of Thrones, and Destiny, but we also have a very special interview with David Evans and Jamie Roboz, who worked on NWP indie favorite Rollers of the Realm. Enjoy!



3:35 Angelo’s Christmas haul; Amazon shipping woes; PS2 collections; Mario 64 memories

29:10 Patrick is a rock god; Destiny finally becomes great; epic loot; PS Plus games for January

45:36 SPECIAL: An Interview With David Evans and Jamie Roboz of Phantom Compass, Developers of Rollers of the Realm; moving from triple A development to indie games; the origins of Phantom Compass; translating pinball into an RPG; dream arcade setups; voice direction and casting; Rollers of the Realm Easter eggs and super tips; Torchy’s Tacos

1:45:50 Dragon Age Inquisition is Julian’s biggest letdown of 2014; Julian’s thesis for why current open world games are overdone

2:01:20 Game of Thrones: the video game and the TV show; Julian’s amended freebee five list; the problem with Telltale games

2:15:00 Comic book roundup: Sex Criminals; Batman issue 37 (spoilers from 2:18:40-2:27:24); Mono; Cap Stone; Rumble

2:39:20 Julian’s humbling 100 Match Melee with JD on Street Fighter IV; looking forward to Street Fighter V


Starbomb- Smash!

The Wonderful 101- Victory

Mark Hamill- Only You

Exile- Indestructible




Jamie Alston Staff Writer

01/13/2015 at 11:08 PM

If it’s one thing this episode has solidified in my mind, it’s that Angelo’s wife is awesome and should give me video game stuff too.  I also take monetary donations as well.  Enjoy the Jak & Daxter Collection, Angelo. I’ve beaten 1 & 2.  I’ve gotten about halfway through Jak & Daxter 3, but it’s been so long I have to start over again.

Decided to get the J & D Collection last year as an excuse since I never finished the 3rd game.  Also, you finally got the Capcom Classics Collection(s)!  I figured you would have had that already.  Anyway, have fun with it.  Strider is my jam dude!

Really enjoyed interview.  Lots of great information shared. Had no idea that some of the folks behind this game are ex-employees of Silicon Knights.  They seemed like really cool guys.  Not pretentious or haughty at all.  Sounds like great guys to have a beer with.  Also, I appreciated the “pro-tips” as well.  Great job guys.

Julian Titus Senior Editor

01/18/2015 at 07:15 PM

They were really, really cool. Within minutes they felt like part of the crew. I did apoligize to David after the show for my fanboy squeeing. Just couldn't help it. I mean...Silicon Knights, man!


01/16/2015 at 01:21 PM

This was a fun episode to listen to...

It also sent me back to the comic book shop to pick up some new stuff.

I completely agree that the top three Zelda games are ALttP, ALBW, and Link's Awakening.  I also agree that the rest of the games can go in whatever order after that. 

Julian Titus Senior Editor

01/18/2015 at 07:17 PM

I'm glad somebody enjoyed it! I am very proud of this episode, but I think it may have been too long for most people.

What comics did you end up grabbing? I went ahead and bought Sex Criminals volume 1 after this show and really loved it. I'm a total fan now.


01/18/2015 at 08:48 PM

I actually only grabbed issues 1 and 2 of ODY-C.  That was actually mostly John Gholson's fault.  But Patrick made some comment about missing out on the first issue of Image comics.  I couldn't let that pass me by.

I did stumble upon some other stuff by Warren Ellis and Mark Millar that piqued my interest, but I will have to wait until trades come out because they were on the 6th issue or so and the store didnt have the 5th issue anymore.

As far as Sex Ciminals, I looked at it briefly and will most likely come back to it in the near future.


01/24/2015 at 12:15 AM

This was thoroughly entertaining, I listened to it all while I did homework, but it was so long that it's hard to keep track of any specific comments I'd want to make. It's like spending 3 hours with a bunch of buddies and listening to great conversation, and then trying to sum it up and comment on it at the end of the evening lol.

It was a fun listen and Angelo definitely scored a homerun getting David Evans and Jaime Roboz onto the show. They were naturals at it and I hope they come back sometime. 

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