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PrE3 PlayBit 2011 - Arcade Beat-'em Ups

Nick, Chessa, and Jason R perform a special recorded PlayBit with some classic arcade beat-'em ups. Watch and listen for The Simpsons Arcade, Turtles in Time Arcade, and X-Men Arcade as well as talk of the upcoming E3!

As has become tradition, part of the PixlBit crew has gotten together for a PlayBit before E3! This year we've decided to do things a bit differently. Rather than broadcast live, we decided to record our play session and post it so that anyone can see it, regardless of their schedule.

While Nick and Chessa aren't able to attend E3 this year (ah, the joys of parenthood), Jason R is making the trip. While the crew plays The Simpsons Arcade, Turtles in Time Arcade, and X-Men Arcade, they discuss what E3 2011 has in store including the Metal Gear Solid remakes and of course, Project Cafe.

Be sure to watch the recording below, comment on what you think, and check back for all of Jason R, Matt R, and JD's coverage from the show!



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