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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 195: The Battle for the Soul of Justin Hamm

Or: This Episode is Terrible

We’re still getting things off the ground for 2021 here at Nerds Without Pants, so this is an all Consumption Junction episode of the show. Mike Fallek joins us for a show that goes off the rails almost immediately and never recovers. So if that sounds like your bag, here we go!

I don’t even know where to start. There’s some Cyberpunk 2077 talk, Mike is thinking about getting a current gen system for the first time in…ever. We get deep into Hitman 3, and delve into Justin’s addiction to bad video games. We close things out with a very spoilery discussion about 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. It’s the last thing in the show, so if you don’t want spoilers YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


STAGE SELECT: What are some of your favorite snowy/wintery places in video games?

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Area 51 vs Revolution X




Super Step Contributing Writer

02/17/2021 at 10:09 PM


Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime is definitely super high on the list. The atmosphere is amazing. 

Otherwise, I don't really like ice levels all that much, so that's my list. 


I played way more Area 51 and definitely consider it more of a staple of my Cici's Pizza experience, so that. 


02/21/2021 at 12:16 AM

Stage Select:

Narshe from Final Fantasy VI. The game opens with Terra and her captors marching on Narshe, and the town's atmosphere conveys a wintery town powered and warmed by steam pretty well.

Snowpeak Ruins in Twilight Princess. One of the best dungeons in the entire series. It opens with Link doing a snowboarding stage, and doing it better than Cloud did a few years earlier. The mansion is the dungeon, but it's more organically integrated into the game and doesn't scream "I'm a dungeon!", which is part of why I like it.

Pretty much all of the snowy areas in Breath of the Wild, which includes Rito Village. That captured the exploration aspect of the game pretty nicely and really made you feel lost in a snowy wasteland. And then you run into a Lynel.

Cage Match: 

Going with Revolution-X on this one. I was a fan of Aerosmith, and the game was pretty fun in the arcade. Unfortunately, the SNES just couldn't handle it. That version was incredibly slow and buggy (and I got it for my birthday instead of Chrono Trigger no less.) I did play the PS1 version much later on, and it was a decent port. But with poor motion capture and effects, Area 51 made Revolution-X look like Time Crisis by comparison. 


03/05/2021 at 10:55 AM

(Julian, did you get my PM?)

I always liked Snow Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Wii.  It's got this cool winter and Christmas-themed thing going on.  The songs are cozy and full of jingle bells, I even like to throw one or two on during the holidays.  It's snowing cotton from the sky unless you're inside a comfy cabin or something.  There's even a special skating animation that Kirby does on the ice and a tabagon animation as he bombs down hills.  And there's a neat little snowboarding level too, one of the better mini-games in it.  Oh, and it end with the Dedede fight for no thematic reason, but it is a fun one with Dedede as a marionette!

Did you ever have a heartwarming moment as a child?  Maybe your parents took you to an amusement park on a school day or even though they said they weren't dog people you woke up to a puppy on Christmas Day?  Well, one afternoon, a shot out of the blue sky, my dad brought us home a new video game.  There was no reason for it, it wasn't an act of guilt or bribery, just an act of love.  For the most part we were dirt poor so a brand new video game was something we got on a holiday or rarely on a birthday.  He mentioned he saw us playing it in the arcade awhile back and, no kidding, even got the convenience store clerk to take it down from the display case.  It still makes me a bit misty-eyed.

That game was Revolution X for the SNES, and I remember playing it all that afternoon, and many an afternoon on top of that one, battling the New Order Nation, thwarting the evil Headmistress Helga, and making sure to collect as many Wheat Grass Shakes as I could shove down Steven Tyler's gullet.  I can't tell you the hours I put into Revolution X.  And because of this, my vote goes to Area 51.


Exrian Contributing Writer

03/05/2021 at 02:10 PM

Stage Select:

3. Bloodborne: I loved the winter atmosphere of Bloodborne. It helped make an otherwise dark and gothic game appear much more serene. At least until something tries killing you.

2. Dark Souls: Pretty sure it was snow in Dark Souls 3 but at one point you return an area from the original game but it's much more ruined and snowy. Seeing the bright and golden land that you remeber from the origianl be a destroyed snowy wasteland is really cool. It's also is home to maybe my favorite fight of the series. I should note that Dark Souls 2 has a place in the bottom of hell for worst snow area ever. That may be a topic for another day.

1. Silent Hill: I think it's snow but I think the movie said it was ash. Who knows. I'll just say it's snow and the idea of a foggy, snowy, almost desolate city is was an awesome place to put the game. 


Cage Match: Area 51 has to win. It's freaking aliens! i don't think people understand the concept that if these beings can create technology to travel through space on a whim, they have to be thousands of years past the nuclear bombs we made decades ago. I'm sure they have dildos using more power than our atom bombs at their point in technology.

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