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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 200: Faygo Taste Testers

Or: How the heck did we make 200 episodes of this crap?!

It's the 200th episode of Nerds Without Pants! We're asking for your help with donating to a special cause: Special Effect. They help get video games into the hands of kids with disabilities, and we'd love to break past the $500 mark. There will be some prizes to the top contributers, so please listen to the details in the show and give generously if you are able and so inclined.

Man, this episode is going to be the make it or break it one. Y'all are either going to love this, or this is the last episode of NWP you'll ever listen to. Because in a four hour podcast we don't even touch video game discussion until, like, almost three hours in. But we have some amazing voice mails from you lovely listeners, so it's not all bad, right? Hoo, boy. 


STAGE SELECT: What are your favorite taunts, burns, or quips in video games?

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Sonic Adventure 2 vs Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

Our theme song “Relax” and interstitial tracks “To the Maxx” and “Moody Grooves” are written and performed by Megan McDuffee.





05/11/2021 at 02:31 PM

3. "BEWARE, COWARD!" from Sinistar. That was when voice in computer and video games was a novelty. 

2. Aran Ryan's taunts from Punch-Out for the Wii. The series has always gotten taunting down pretty good, but they went over the top with Aran Ryan.

1. Kefka's laugh in Final Fantasy VI. One of the single most memorable sound effects in gaming.

Cage Match:

Gonna go with Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge, err, Mario Golf, here. Mario can run, but I've never seen Sonic play golf. I imagine that the ball would be in the parking lot when Sonic played.

Casey Curran Staff Writer

05/13/2021 at 04:50 PM

Stage Select

3. Batman Arkham deaths- I already brought it up for best Game Over screens, but once again, these are perfect

2. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney- "How many panties do you have in your pocket Herr Forehead?" No, I'm not giving any context.

1. Dragon Age Origins- Anything Shale says. I can't think of a single quote from her that isn't a burn and they're all gold. My favorite is "I hope that is someone being murdered and not simply singing."

Cage Match

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour. I don't even like golf but I love Mario Golf. I have no clue why but I put just as many hours into Mario Golf as Mario Kart. Sonic Adventure 2 meanwhile is the first big Sonic game I didn't like. I don't even like the Sonic levels, they have lots of cheap deaths, discourage exploration, and punish the player for experimenting. Shooting segments blow too with a clunky, unintuitive control scheme. Knuckles' emerald hunting is fine even with the game forcing you to find them in a set order. I had fun there at least. Also can we just acknowledge that the plot is based on:

1. The US government not being able to tell the difference between a blue hedgehog and a black hedgehog

2. The perfect life form being a four foot tall hedgehog then later a giant lizard.

3. Said ultimate life form's last memory being a girl getting murdered by gunpoint from a secret government agency but forgetting she told him there's good in humanity immediately after

What is this nonsense?

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