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Saints Row: The Third Getting Team Fortress 2 Masks on Steam

Terrorize Steelport looking like your favorite TF2 class!

gamesradar is reporting that Valve's Team Fortress 2 is invading Volition's Saints Row: The Third with cross promotion downloadable content. Saints Row players can now wear masks based on the various classes from the popular first person shooter multiplayer game. The masks will wash up on the shores of Steelport.

The masks are available now and include all nine TF2 classes: Heavy, Spy, Scout, Pyro, Engineer, Soldier, Sniper, Demoman and Medic. They'll be packaged with the CheapyD DLC in a free patch that's also designed to prepare the title for the upcoming Genkibowl VII DLC, the title's first mission-based DLC pack.

This is the second promotion Saints Row has done involving Steam. Previously, a pre-order of Saints Row: The Third on Steam awarded players with several items, including a special pin called The Mark of the Saint.



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