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XSEED to Publish Orgarhythm, Ragnarok Odyssey on Vita This Year

The niche Japanese games publisher will be augmenting the Vita line-up later this year.

XSEED revealed yesterday that two of the games in their pipeline are the latest Ragnarok online game, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Orgarhythm, a rhythm-based RTS title. Both titles are being translated for the PlayStation Vita and both are expected to launch later this year.

Two years ago XSEED published Ragnarok DS in North America. The title was essentially a port of the popular online game of similar name, Ragnarok Online. Unlike the DS version of the game, Ragnarok Odyssey is built from the ground up for the Vita and is wildly successful in Japan right now, earning the love of critics and consumers alike. The Norse Mythology-based action RPG is all about taking down giants and progressing through the game's story either alone or with friends using the game's up-to-four player online or adhoc multiplayer mode.

Characters in the game are fully customizable and can fall into one of six job classes. As quests are taken on, players will be able to increase their stats and as a result, their battle effectiveness against the giant monsters that occupy the world. The Game Arts-developed title will be available later this year.

Orgarhythm was recently announced as the first title from Takashi Hirai's new studio, Neilo. The programmer's claim to fame is his work on both the Space Channel and Shenmue series with Sega. Unsurprisingly, his latest work makes use of rhythm in a unique way, allowing players to attack enemies using rhythmic, touch-based inputs that produce a "hypnotic mix of rock, club and tribal music." The music is, of course, dynamic based on player input, and the four unique attack types each carry their own beat.

Twelve maps will be featured in the game, but the game's AI remembers past battles and adjusts its style of play accordingly to be more effective against your previous tactics. Units on the map will be based on water, fire, and earth, and the three act in a rock-paper-scissors like fashion: water beats fire, fire beats earth, and earth beats water.

Like Ragnarok, Orgarythm will also feature an online multiplayer mode, but here it will pit two on two, light versus dark. Orgarhythm will also feature DLC, but which packs will be available has yet to be determined.



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