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New Super Mario Bros. U Preview

Somebody told Nintendo never to launch a system without a Mario title. Somebody who likes coins.

Given the great succes of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Nintendo is bringing back the franchise for the launch of their brand new Wii U system. With a healthy dose of new power-ups, New Super Mario Bros. U is set to offer more than a Mario sidescroller has ever seen before. 

Mario and friends can now utilize flying squirrel suits and various colored yoshis with differentiated abilities. Both of these additions to the New Super Mario Bros. franchise should please fans looking for something new and exciting. Flying Squirrel Mario, Luigi, Toad and your own Mii can glide from the highest of precipices. Each character can also elevate their altitude in the suit when catching a gust of wind from below.

The evolved yoshis represent one of the most interesting power-ups in recent memory. Depending on the color of the Yoshi, Mario and friends will be able to perform different tasks. Red Yoshi can be hung on like a hot air balloon, while Blue Yoshi shoots bubbles. If all of the other yoshi power ups make an appearance, there's sure to be an unprecedented amount of depth in the latest in this most classic and innovative platformer series.

The Wii U GamePad will offer another option for multiplayer. The GamePad will allow players to access a Boost mode where the user can create platforms from wherever they please. The GamePad functionality will create an additional area of exploration for experience veterans who want to help novices to complete levels easier. The veterans will have the new challenge of anticipating where Mario will land to save their friends from death. How helpful!

For the hardcore players, boost mode will also provide an additional level of challenge for speed runs. The most advanced players will create new paths for players to clear the level more quickly. Additionally, special areas will only be able to be reached via usage of boost mode. Certain boost mode bricks (four of which can be laid at a time) will provide Mario with a few additional coins.

Whether playing in high definition or the GamePad, players will never miss a beat. The ability to seamlessly transition between the big or little screen will ensure that gamers never have to quit their session when someone else wants to watch the television.

No matter how you choose to tackle this next Mario adventure, players will get to experience New Super Mario Bros. U together with friends like never before on the Wii U. The integrated social experience of the Wii U will bring friends’ comments and achievements to the forefront, whenever connected to the Wii U, as part of the new "together, better" online initiative Nintendo is rolling out with their new system.

Just remember that it’s alright if your friends collect more coins than you. You have a blue yoshi to trap them in a bubble.



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