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Halo 3 Halo Services Ending on March 31

Bungie's passing the torch to 343 Industries

Bungie doesn't make Halo games anymore, but they have still maintained the game stats and player service records for the Halo games thus far. Well, that will change on March 31, because Bungie issued a statement today saying that all live data will now be handled by 343 Industries.

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Genre Deathwatch 2011

We’ve seen the fall of rhythm games, what’s the next one to kick the bucket?

It has been roughly six years since rhythm gaming really hit the market with force, thanks in large part to the runaway success of the Guitar Hero series. Before long, plastic guitars were supplemented with plastic drums, and microphones, and the birth of full band rhythm gaming was upon us. Eventually Harmonix landed on the only logical conclusion for such a genre – the ability to play real instruments to real notation within the game. At the point of reaching the plateau, the genre has been given a death sentence. Activision is halting the Hero series and Harmonix has been sold and downsized, needless to say, things are looking pretty grim for the future of rhythm gaming.

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Major League Gaming Season Opens Today

Registration is closed, but spectators can still enjoy the competition.

Major League Gaming's 2010 season begins today, at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. The event invites the top professionals and aspiring amateurs to compete in any of this year's gaming line-up of Tekken 6, Halo 3, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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