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Bit.Trip Flux

Nintendo Download - 06/16/2011

The first Nintendo Download that includes the 3DS eShop brings some heavy hitting titles.

Now appearing each Thursday, the weekly Nintendo Download update now includes entries to the new eShop found on the 3DS. Being the first week of the new format, Nintendo has made some tweaks to their format and have released some significant titles to make a big splash this week. Donkey Kong, originally released on the Gameboy has made its way to the 3DS Virtual Console for $3.99, while Mega Man 5 from the NES is now available on the Wii's Virtual Console. Gaijin Games' final Bit.Trip game, Bit.Trip Flux, can be demoed on WiiWare for a limited time. For more information on Bit.Trip Flux, be sure to read our review on the game.

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Bit.Trip Flux Review

The Bit.Trip conclusion takes the series back to its roots.

Most gamers out there have a much larger appreciation for the Bit.Trip series than I do. Something about the constant repetition and unbending difficulty has very little appeal to me at this point in my life, and I just don't care to sit and do a simple singular task over and over again in order to complete the goals at hand. That being said, Bit.Trip Flux stands out for me because, while hard, offers many checkpoints in a level and unlimited continues. I know I'll never be the guy to max out what the game has to offer by scoring ridiculously high in a given level, so I'm sure some of the magic of Flux is lost on me. Regardless, the game seems to be a fitting end to this unique series, and a great return to the game that started it all, Bit.Trip Beat.

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Final Bit.TRIP Game Trailer

CommanderVideo's last adventure is a homecoming with Bit.TRIP Beat's classic Pong-style gameplay returning to the spotlight once more.

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