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Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 Preview

We don't like to use the "D" word around these parts.

With Diablo III exploding onto the world and making headlines for everything from its high sales numbers to its controversial internet connection requirements, it seems as if Blizzard’s new monster is set to dominate the gaming landscape for some time to come. If you’ve read my review you know that I’m rather fond of that game. Perhaps you’re still not impressed. Perhaps you yearn for a game less streamlined that plays more like the Diablo of yore. That’s the exact sentiment that Runic Games is banking on with Torchlight II--a love letter to Diablo II in a post-Diablo III world. But let’s just not talk about Diablo for now, shall we?

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Torchlight 2 Gets Delayed to 2012

You'll have to wait a little longer to get your loot on.

Torchlight came out in 2009 and took PC gamers by storm. It helped fill the void of loot-based dungeon crawlers that had been created in the wake of Diablo II crushing all competition for years. While Torchlight came out of a free-to-play side project created during the development of the ill-fated Hellgate: London and had a modest development cycle, Runic Games announced today that Torchlight 2 is a little more complicated. As such, the game isn’t going to make it for its projected 2011 release date.

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