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Might & Magic Heroes VI

Some Games Unplayable During Ubisoft Server Migration

Console users won't be affected, but PC gamers will feel the pain.

Video games have become increasingly reliant on a steady internet connection over the years.  Whether it’s through online multiplayer, player authentication, or DRM, players are constantly connecting their PCs and consoles to the web in order to play.  This practice has become an accepted part of gaming, but Ubisoft is about to remind us that having to be online at all times can have its issues.

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Might & Magic Heroes VI Review

An epic game with epic bugs

The creation of the sixth installment of the Heroes of Might & Magic series sent the small turn-based RPG gamer niche through various emotional highs and lows. The two biggest sources of concern was the renaming of the brand to Might & Magic Heroes (which made many think back to the failed 3DO series), plus the “dumbing down” of the unit tiers from the almost double digit tiers to just three. It seemed that the things that made it great would be forsaken in pursuit of the lucrative mainstream market.

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