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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

3 Things Uncharted Can Learn From Tomb Raider

Anything Drake can do Lara can do better!

When it was announced that Tomb Raider was getting the reboot treatment a few years ago, plenty of people – yours truly included – made it clear that Lara should pay close attention to that other tomb raiding franchise headlined by Nolan North – errr - Nathan Drake.  The point is many people looked at Uncharted as Tomb Raider for the current generation.  The guys at Crystal Dynamics had their work cut out for them if they didn’t want to be square in the middle of Naughty Dogs giant shadow.

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Uncharted Has Shipped Over 13 Million Units

Nathan Drake can retire at any point now.

Uncharted 3 has had impressive sales numbers since its release and we now have some details about the numbers the series has sold as a whole. The Uncharted franchise, since its start in 2007, has shipped over 13 million copies worldwide. This makes the series one of the most popular new IPs of the console generation.

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review Rewind

It's a bit tough to play after Among Thieves, but it still proves enjoyable overall.

When I first started playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Jesse Miller asked me if the game still held up after playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. At the time, I confidently told him "yes," but if you don't mind Jesse, I'd like to retract my response.

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PS3 Disc Drive Errors Not Sony's Fault

Though originally thought to be linked to Firmware 3.0, the release of 3.1 has revealed that the issue lies with users' hardware.

Players noticed issues with their PS3 recently after updating to Sony's 3.0 firmware. The issue came while playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and WipEout HD.

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