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Azure Striker Gunvolt Review

Full disclosure, there are no electricity puns within this game review.

I would call Azure Striker Gunvolt two things; one would be the perfect replacement for a lack of a new Mega Man X/Zero title, and the other being a very meaty 3DS eShop release with high production values. With easy to understand gameplay, a fantastic graphical style and a slew of abilities and optional gear to collect, Azure Striker Gunvolt is a great call back to the 16-bit era of action games and an all around great game despite some design flaws. It even comes with the free game as well!

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Crashmo Review

Oh poor Mallo, how gravity befalls the blocks you push and pull…

Pushmo was a wonderful surprise back when it was released in 2011; the Intelligent Systems developed puzzle/platforming game took a simple premise and made it a fantastic in-depth game with a nice custom-builder. Much to my surprise and delight, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems made a sequel! Crashmo, like its predecessor, has Mallo pushing and pulling blocks. However, the effects of gravity now play a bigger part in the game, because now the blocks crash to the ground.

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