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#Batman Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

An Origin that doesn't disappoint.

Batman: Arkham Origins is a great game. Over the eight to nine hours I spent with the game, I went on a roller coaster full of action, stealth and narrative high points. Arkham Origins provides some of the best character moments in the series, along with some interesting new twists to the gameplay. Unfortunately, game bugs and various gameplay oddities keep the game from reaching the heights of the previous entries.

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Batman: Arkham Origins Hands On Preview

Why you shouldn't be too worried about the Caped Crusader's origin story.

The Arkham-verse has become its own thing after the resounding success of Arkham Asylum and City. Rocksteady laid a superb foundation for the Batman series and though the latest game is being handled by WB Montreal, there’s not much to worry about. The fundamentals of the series hold up, and if anything much has been added to the gameplay. Whether these additions will prove beneficial is yet to be determined, but based on some story tidbits and my brief hands on I remain excited to see what the full game has to offer.

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Batman: Arkham Origins Announced

Deathstroke, and an Unrefined Batman take Center Stage

Gameinformer has just revealed their May cover which exposes a prequel to the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham games, titled Batman: Arkham Origins. Developed by WB Montreal, Arkham Origins promises a tale of a young, and learning Batman who will face off against some of his most infamous enemies, including Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke), who will be making his debut appearance.

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