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#Chris Redfield

Resident Evil: Revelations Review

A thrilling new direction for the Resident Evil series.

Since the release of Resident Evil 4, there has been a division of opinions amongst longtime fans of the series. Some preferred the isolated exploration of the first four titles – including Code Veronica – whereas others favored the open world, more shooter focused style established in 4 and 5. The newest title in the series, Resident Evil: Revelations, introduces an entirely new spin on both approaches, while making some great changes to the core formula as well.

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Resident Evil: Revelations Preview

A confined location, new gameplay elements, and a new character make up Capcom's first 3DS Resident Evil title.

There hasn't been very much information released about Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil title, Resident Evil: Revelations. Today at Nintendo's E3 Press Conference we saw a brief view of the game in action, and finally gamers were given a small amount of additional information.

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