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#Jason Ross

Mailbag Has Been Revived

Zombie mailbag wants your brains. (In a good way.)

Avid fans of PixlBit (Read: Zap) may have noticed I've mentioned the idea of a solo podcast a few times in the past month. While at first, the idea was uncertain, as time passes, it seems to be more and more of a sure thing. How does Mailbag relate? I want to read and respond to listener mail! That's right. I want listener mail! I know the podcast hasn't yet begun, but it will soon, so why not get a head-start? You could be featured. You could be featured in the first edition of "JasonCast" or "PixlJalk," or whatever we decide to name the thing. How about, for the first episode, you send in suggestions for the title of the show? As always, suggestions can go to mailbag AT pixlbit DOT com, but in this case, they can also be sent to jasonr AT pixlbit DOT com, too.

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Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Preview

My frothing demand for this game increases.

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is the sequel to the adrenaline-infused Sin and Punishment, an on-rails import shooter originally. Though originally released on the N64, the was finally able to see the light of day in North American and PAL territories on the Wii's Virtual Console. To put it briefly, the original felt like a cross between StarFox 64 and Galaga, with difficult, but wild, over-the-top bosses thrown into the mix.

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Marble Saga Kororinpa Review Rewind

There are few games I recommend for absolutely everyone, and Marble Saga Kororinpa has earned its place as one of them.

The makings of Marble Saga Kororinpa are very simple. The Wii Remote is a stand-in for an on-screen table, and tilting the Wii-Remote tilts the table. The basics are that simple, but the execution is, without a doubt, remarkable. In addition, players can make the marble bounce with a flick of the Wii Remote, and on-stage hazards and objects vary the game's mechanics, creating over a hundred unique and fresh stages for any fan of skill-based puzzles.

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Games I Play With Family: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Last Thanksgiving and Christmas, I brought New Super Mario Bros. Wii over for my family to try. How did it go?

I took New Super Mario Bros. Wii home to my family last Christmas (and Thanksgiving), and we had a lot of fun with it, but what surprised me the most was how independent and unique everyone seemed to play.

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Max & the Magic Marker Review

Can Max and his Magic Marker draw their way into your heart?

Playing Max and the Magic Marker, I've found, is both an act of joy and frustration. It's a unique, colorful title, with its own imaginary world where the hero, Max, of course, dashes through to chase and defeat "the monster" Max accidentally created with his magic marker. The title focuses on physics-based puzzle-solving and platforming, though there's a little bit of exploration in the mix.

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Mouse House Review

This mousy maze game may not offer as much challenge as fans of the genre desire.

Mouse House is a simple game. In fact, Mouse House borrows the engine of a simple, yet difficult series known in North America as The Adventures of Lolo. The gameplay is puzzle-based, and involves picking up pieces of cheese in a labyrinth-style grid maze, while avoiding enemies and navigating a few basic obstacles, in order to reach the exit in once piece.

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There's a New Staff Writer at PixlBit!

Come on inside to marvel at an introduction from PixlBit's fantastic new hire.

Oh, hi, I didn't see you there.

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