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#Mirror's Edge

Nerds Without Pants Episode 89: Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

Or: super late E3 predictions.

Welcome to a weird episode of Nerds Without Pants! Due to scheduling issues, this episode was recorded a week before E3 2016, but you are listening to it after that event has taken place. Don’t think about it too hard; time is wibbly-wobbly, as the Doctor would say.

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Backloggers Anonymous Mirror's Edge Part 2

Shiny Shiny Spoilers!

Well, we finished Mirror's Edge, and like most titles we play on Backloggers, it has its flaws to be sure, but it's a fantastic game. Make sure to listen to this 'cast once you've finished playing through since we spoil the ending about 5 seconds into the show, and thanks again for picking this game for us to play and for the feedback if you left us comments. I hope to do another community pick again sometime soon, so be on the lookout for another Backloggers poll. 

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Backloggers Anonymous Mirror's Edge Part 1

We also talk about *gulp* gender issues...

Yeah, that's right, we went there. It's hard not to, really, what with the current drama unfolding around Dragon's Crown, the Tropes Vs. Women videos, and what's in Lightning's bra. We handled it as well as 3 dudes on a video game podcast could, I think, but it would be fantastic if we could get some civil discussion going in the comments. We could have a great follow up when we get to our conclusion episode.

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Mirror's Edge (Working Title) - E3 Announcement Trailer

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EA Earns a Gold Star From Gamers

The embattled publisher brought some serious game to E3.

It seems like the emerging theme from this E3 is redemption. There are quite a few companies this year that have to do a lot to gain back the trust and support of consumers. EA is certainly at the top of that list, although Microsoft just may have beat them to the punch in the past few weeks. Electronic Arts came on strong at their press conference, showing off new games, as well as some surprising sequels.

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Backloggers Anonymous Poll Results

Find out what we'll be talking about on the next Backloggers Anonymous.

And the winner is...

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Backloggers Anonymous Poll

Which game do you want us to play next?

[Update] The poll is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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