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#Sim City

Always Online Games and the Subject of Reviews

An editor-in-chief's conundrum thanks to Sim City's rampant issues.

Reviewing games isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Boiling down exactly how you feel about an experience while providing an objective assessment of the game’s components is a delicate balancing act. With the introduction of always-online games, specifically Sim City, this fragile process has been put to the test. As editor-in-chief of this website, I have to consider how this new component of gaming is factored into our review policies and make a call about how the game’s score is affected.

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Maxis Reveals New Sim City at GDC

Tons of details on the title surface simultaneously.

While the Game Developers Conference isn't exactly a press event, it's become an acceptable venue to both announce games and reveal new information. EA and Maxis did just that yesterday with the official reveal of a new Sim City game for the PC, which is set to release in 2013. Alongside the announcement came tons of details about the game, including information on the modes and gameplay features.

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Tropico 4 Review

El Presidente would fire the UI designers - if he could find the menu to do it.

I have some amazing memories of construction/simulation heavy games, like Sim City 2000 and Dawn of Discovery. When done right, games in this genre are absolutely captivating. Tropico 4 comes extremely close to hitting the nail on the head, but stumbles in its implementation.

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Will Wright is Making a New Game

The creator of Sim City and Spore is now developing Hivemind.

Will Wright is one of the great pioneers in gaming, so when he says he’s working on something new people have a tendency to listen.  Called Hivemind, Wright’s new game is promising to be as inventive and far-reaching as you would expect from the venerable developer.  The game is said to take into account events and aspects of the player’s life and personality – creating a new genre of game that has been dubbed “personal gaming.”

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